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Scott Cox

USAC Level 2 Cycling Coach

Quarq Power Coach

WKO4 Analyst

CAT 1 Cyclist

California State Road Race Champion

Meticulous.  Detailed.  Authentic.

Involvement in elite-level athletics has been an integral part of Scott’s entire life. From achieving all-state status in track during high school, to earning a scholarship to play football at nationally-ranked Grand Valley State University under the guidance of Head Coach Brian Kelly, currently of Notre Dame. Scott was the starting wide receiver for 3-years running, and was the strongest player on the team per body weight. During this time he learned the importance of not only strength training, conditioning and body mechanics, but as working as a solid team unit. 


Scott’s collegiate days were followed by a 15-year career in veterinary medicine, which has fostered the development of additional skill sets that have carried over to both racing and coaching. Having spent nearly a decade in emergency and critical care medicine, he understands irregular hours with a challenging sleep schedule and he is able to design for his athletes a workout plan that will integrate seamlessly into their lives, recognizing that each person is unique in their circumstances, needs, and commitments. Spending 2 years as a medical educator, he is an excellent communicator with the ability to clearly express and share his thoughts, while being incredibly detail-oriented and patient. And as a doctor, he understands more than most the body’s physiology, how it responds to stressors, and what it needs to properly function and recover.


An avid and competitive cyclist himself, Scott understands first-hand the stresses of training and racing. Scott is able to understand your individual needs, and in turn, help you to become a stronger cyclist and obtain your utmost potential.  An avid learning junkie, he stays abreast of the latest research, including anything pertaining to physiology, wattage and heart based training techniques, nutrition and advanced weight training techniques, and applies this knowledge to meet the individual needs of his athletes. From a cycling and coaching standpoint, Scott understands the tactics involved in stage racing, criteriums, climbing and time trialing. All of these factors have allowed for a well-rounded and dedicated coach who believes in a strong coach/athlete relationship, a relationship that is not only willing to teach you, but is willing to learn from your experiences as well. 

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