Heart Rate Variability (Part 1 of 2)

I’ve been intrigued by Heart Rate Variability (HRV) since I first heard about it from a friend 4-5 years ago. Apparently, the military uses HRV measurements to predict which special forces teams are most ready for last minute missions. From what I have gathered, HRV is the best indicator of performance amongst the different things monitored for highly trained soldiers. I thought this was fascinating and did not think much more about it until I started seeing the technology trickle down to wearables and sensors for pets and every day athletes. Although recovery and performance seems to be the focus of HRV technology providers, I was initially interested in implementing HRV due to the incre

To ERG or Not to ERG

Smart trainers have greatly improved the indoor training experience over the last few years. I do not care for the virtual world myself but can see why many athletes really enjoy these features to help with motivation. I do utilize a smart trainer and ERG mode for some of my training as I can be very exact with work loads - especially on/off type work or steady state efforts that are hard to find terrain suitable for uninterrupted long intervals. Also, I am not comfortable training on my local roads during commute hours or in severe weather and may opt for the trainer to stay as safe as possible - safety first. I do see some downsides though and wanted to share those observations in hopes

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